How To Boost Your Immune System When Sick During The Winter

how to boost immune system when sick

How To Boost Your Immune System When Sick During The Winter

With cooler weather quickly approaching, seasonal shifts leave even the healthiest of people vulnerable to contracting an illness. When your immune system isn’t at its best or is struggling to keep up the risk increases. Knowing how to boost immune systems when sick certainly helps to alleviate symptoms. But can also shorten the duration of many illnesses that weaken the body over a short time. Particularly with cold, flu, and allergy season just around the corner, amidst covid-19 spreading faithfully, it’s wise to be prepared. 

The good news is there are many things that you can do today to prevent getting sick in the future. Even better, most of them only involve small tweaks to your already existing routine in order to significantly benefit. Below are 5 holistic immune boosters to increase your immunity during the cold winter months. Committing to healthy behaviors on the outside, while increasing nutritious intake for the inside is a worthwhile combination. Preventing illness to secure a healthy Fall & Winter season just might be easier than you’d think. 

Immune System Support

The most beautiful thing about a healthy body is the network that keeps it that way. Acting like a shield from outside invaders, the immune system is always on guard and ready. Because of its importance, it’s easy to see why strengthening your immune system yields so many health benefits. Yet the job of the immune system is not limited to defending against viruses or infections. In fact, it is working around the clock protecting you from numerous harmful environmental pathogens. 

But, If this system is working so hard, then why don’t you notice?

Well, when at full strength, you are not supposed to. The threat is eliminated quickly without ever sounding an alarm. However, when actually facing off with a potential invader, many sickness symptoms are ironically caused by a properly functioning defense. For example, swollen glands, runny nose, and even sweating is an attempt made by the immune system to detox threats. Although there are many medications available to help the immune system fight, they are not often preventative. These options are administered only after the immune system has been weakened. 

How To Boost Immune System When Sick For A Stronger Defense

Taking medications prescribed by a medical professional is always recommended when assessed and in need of them. But what if the immune system was already so powerful that it becomes practically impenetrable, to begin with? Shouldn’t everyone be prioritizing this? Well, Yes! Herbal supplements for immune system support are one of the best ways to do this. A few other tricks involve many lifestyle habits you likely already participate in daily.

Unfortunately, many individuals don’t prioritize these holistic immune boosters, because they don’t know how easy it is. Knowing how to boost the immune system when sick already, can help, but prevention is definite Take a look at some of these easy remedies and holistic immune boosters that you’ll never believe are so important. A few of them might surprise you, and others may already be on the top of your wellness list. Have your supercharged immune system ready for cold and flu season, and give yourself more time to feel your best!

Tip 1: Solidifying Your Sleep Schedule 

Sleep deprivation can harm your immune system and metabolism. With hectic schedules, deadlines, and priorities, many of us don’t get nearly enough of it. It’s recommended that adults get about 8 hours of sleep and children get 10 hours. 

Really think about the last time you allocated time specifically for catching up on your Zz’s. For most of us, it is not a regular or frequent habit. Despite falling toward the bottom of our to-do lists, as holistic immune boosters go, it’s an easy one to fix. Admittedly, it may take some dedication and adjustment, but sleep is as essential to health as breathing is to life. 

You see, the time spent resting allows your body to heal itself. It helps keep your hormones balanced, and helps your immune system function in balance. Without these essentials performing at optimum or at least adequate levels, feeling ill and run down is almost a guarantee. So even if it means skipping that last hour of binge-watching your nightly program, make time for your rest. Your body, mind, and immune system will thank you later, tenfold. Sleep tight!

Tip 2: Ramp Up Nutritious Food Choices

Fruit and veggies are nutritional powerhouses when it comes to protecting health and boosting our immune systems. Come September and October, autumn harvest means a fantastic array of new in-season produce. Try to choose more foods that are rich in antioxidants, like vitamin C and beta-carotene. These are commonly found in citrus fruits, cabbage, broccoli, pumpkin, sweet potato, and spinach. 

Yet that doesn’t mean cutting out all of the food-fun that the holiday season has to offer. Because let’s face it, sometimes a little chocolate is just good for the soul. Just simply keep your immune-boosting priorities in mind while doing so. In general, make sure that treats are occasional and enjoyed in moderation. Specifically, keep healthy foods as a part of your daily routine, to ensure getting many holistic immune boosters in regularly.

Tip 3: Managing Excess Stress

Stress occurs when life events surpass your abilities to cope. It causes your body to produce greater levels of game-changer cortisol. Unfortunately, with our fast-paced lifestyles, it can build up quickly, if not properly managed. Over time, your body can get used to having too much cortisol in its blood flow. This opens the door for inflammation and decreased immunity. 

Managing stress is a matter of trial and error. However, many herbal supplements for immune system boosting also aid in stress reduction. Activities that may also help you manage your stress include meditation, exercise, journaling, yoga, and other mindfulness practices. Some individuals even benefit from seeing a licensed counselor or therapist, whether virtually or in person. No matter which suits your lifestyle best, managing excess stress is a game-changer out of all holistic immune boosters. 

Tip 4: Move A Little More

As the air gains a chill, it can be difficult to stay active and get enough exercise. While the colder months ahead spark the desire to hibernate until spring, doing so has its consequences. The lack of exercise during these months can greatly contribute to the drop in our immune systems. Regularly incorporating moderate exercise can reduce inflammation and help your immune cells regenerate on a more regular basis. This keeps the immune system ready to respond, should a health hazard approach too closely.  Moderate exercise includes brisk walking, steady bicycling, jogging, swimming, and light hiking. Most people should aim for at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week or around 30 minutes a day. In combination, herbal supplements for immune system function and a little more physical movement encourage an ongoing healthy lifestyle. 

Tip 5: Herbal Supplements For Immune System Supercharge

In the United States, less than 10% of adults get the required amount of vitamins and minerals daily. If that sounds like a very small amount, that’s because it is. The emphasis on learning how to boost the immune system when sick is critical when so many are deficient. Although it is possible to increase the amount of nutrient-packed fruits and veggies for support, seasonal availability poses problems. 

FITTEAM Immune is a blend of organic vitamins and nutrients that are consistently at the forefront of research in immunity. This allows for optimal intake of holistic immune-boosting nutrients, without excessive preparation and time, interrupting an already packed schedule. Best of all, it’s easy and tastes amazing too. Add Immune to a glass of water for a refreshing boost for your immunity. Drinking herbal supplements for immune system support will pay off, as staying healthy remains a priority. 

Vitamins And Minerals For Boosting Immune System When Sick

From sleep to stress and nutrition to energy, taking herbal supplements for immune system health ensures the required intake is met. Of the top holistic immune boosters required for superior well-being, the following nutrients should be incorporated regularly. 

  • Zinc and B6
    • Both nutrients are required for the basic functioning of the human body. Although both do so in different ways, both are essential for quality of sleep, mood, and reduction of stress. 
  • Vitamin D
    • Naturally derived from natural sunlight, vitamin D promotes healthy bones, muscle growth, and heart function. In the winter months, the rays from the sun and the intimidating cold leave too many in deficiency. Thus, leading to weakened immune systems and aches and pains. 
  • Vitamin C
    • This vitamin is responsible for the repair and regrowth of cells that have been damaged. It also protects from free radicals that prevent optimal immune function. 
  • Probiotics
    • To be sure your body can properly use the beneficial holistic immune boosters is where probiotics come in. Supplying the gut with necessary microbiome support keeps everything running smoothly with proper absorption. 
  • B Vitamins
    • B1, B2, B3, B5, B9 (or Folic Acid) and B12
      • Metabolism, immune system, cell growth and reproduction, and energy all rely on these essential B Vitamins to thrive. Blood, skin, brain, and tissue cells cannot protect us properly without them and should be consumed in proper balance. 

Many of these, being water-soluble, are not permanently stored within the body in reserves. Because of this, routine supplementation will be necessary to maintain healthy levels, especially during the “sick season.” FITTEAM Immune makes getting the required levels easy and keeps your immune system strong and ready. 

Boosting Immune System When Sick All Year Round

The thought of old and flu season has everyone gearing up on their healthy habits and supplements come to fall annually. However, keeping your defense system at peak performance all year has its benefits too. Environmental exposure or even sun damage from over-exposure to harmful rays take a toll on our immune function.

For help and guidance on staying on track, reach out to FITTEAM today. How to boost your immune system when sick helps get back your good health. Staying healthy all year round keeps you out ahead of it.