Take advantage of seasonal foods!

Take advantage of seasonal foods!

Close your eyes and place yourself in one of your favorite restaurants. What’s one of the first thing the waiter does? They read the chef’s specials! They sound decadent and delicious and most of us are instantly drawn to these specials, but we never stop to understand why the specials sound so good or why the chef has chosen to make them. The answer is so simple – they use seasonal foods. Whether you are eating at a fancy restaurant or cooking at home the concept of using seasonal food to elevate your meals is the same. There are some crazy benefits to preparing and eating seasonal foods and today we discuss them.

Taste – this one may seem intuitive but seasonal fruits and vegetables are FULL of flavor because they have been naturally harvested at the ideal time! The best way to take advantage of seasonal foods is to visit your local produce stand or local farmer markets.

Nutrition – fresh produce is full of vitamins and nutrients! The lifestyle of eating fresh foods from the varied seasons lends itself to be a healthier lifestyle overall. Year-round produce often contains modifications that impact the natural benefits from developing opposed to seasonal food which has not been manipulated. Also, by diversifying your diet you consume more nutrients by mixing in new foods.

Environmental Benefits – Growing crops naturally in season avoids the need to create artificial environments for the crops which uses excess water and fossil fuels.

Cost – Purchasing food that is in season is often more affordable allowing your grocery dollars to stretch further. Not sure where to start? Trying researching what produce is and season and then local markets, farms or grocers that may sell it. The USDA, has great resources to find a local f markets.

These are just some of the main reasons you should try mixing up your recipes with seasonal foods! Looking for more ways on how to improve your fall routine check out these tips from Maryann Walsh!